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Paying Claims: Bumaco Insurance Company’s first priority

by Bumaco LTD on 11/22/16

The founding philosophy of Bumaco Insurance Company, which originates from its mother company- Bumaco Ltd is to serve people in management and development. The Bumaco family aims at bringing about development through good management practices. Insurance, thus, becomes one of the management tools that are crucial for development. It is a risk management tool that brings back the person into his normal status upon a loss occurrence. This is our promise. To bring the insured back to his/her status in the event of a loss. 

Bumaco Insurance Company sells promises – that is to “we will pay you when you get a loss.”  This promise is the solution to the problem. We provide solutions to risks.  And since we sell promises and exist to serve – we have placed claim as our main focus. We focus on paying claims. We do this through:

  • Educating our customers on how to file claims and the entire process
  • We strive to process the filed claims as fast as possible
  • We pay claims on time

Paying claim is our first priority- and that is why we provide insurance with certainty. 

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